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Shipping Policy

This section explains the types of shipping methods, ways we deal with the delivery, and a number of possible cases that might happen during the process.

We support DHL Shipping and Express Shipping. The DHL takes one to two weeks to let the products reach their destination. The Express Shipping takes 3 to 5 days for the packages' actual delivery. The cost in each case varies and gets added while a person checkouts for the payment. We do NOT have the facility of multiple shipping at a time. Those who wish to send the products at different locations will need to explicitly change the postal address each time they make a checkout.

Our proceedings are present on working days and excluded on public holidays and weekends. Hence, whoever has made the purchase needs to wait till the next working day if they have done it during odd hours.

Please make sure that you will be there at your postal address to assure a successful delivery; or make sure someone else to be present at the receiving end so that the package is successfully collected. If there is no one at the receiving end the package is kept in the courier service's/post office's official address till someone comes and claims for ownership. The time period is limited and so if no one comes there for collecting the product is sent back to us. So, in case you missed taking the package you may go to the local post office where you might find your product after confirming that it is already sent from our place and present in your city. There are very less chances of it getting misplaced somewhere. It isn't necessary that you submit your home address only. We accept office addresses as well.

The courier service may collect some amount of extra money that doesn't count in the shipping charges you paid during the online purchase. The shipping cost only includes our source country to your destination country. The other charges are based on the country's respective import norms and local customs that varies from one country to another. You are requested to read all import policies of your country to avoid further confusion.

Also note that the shipment/services will NOT be provided to any of the OFAC (sanctioned) countries in accordance with the law of UAE. So, one needs to check whether they are purchasing from a site whose products' import is allowed.

Our services will be affected if unwelcome circumstances such as earthquake, flood, fire, riots, wars, etc. emerge suddenly. We will be waiting for them to get subsided and will proceed for further process once everything is okay. If specific cases don't seem to get normal we will refund your money back.

Please contact our customer care department for more details or in case you have any issue and the respective representative(s) will be happy assisting you.