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Privacy Policy

The section of Privacy Policy covers the ways how Radiantrendz collects (what) kinds of data and what methods it follows for safeguarding them all.


We collect and deal with different types of information. The data collected indirectly is gathered by us through the means of the internet which is your IP address. We collect this information by sending a COOKIE file in your device, this is to guarantee each customer with personalised online browsing experience. None of the Indirect information let us know your personal identification without your own consent.


Details asked directly includes personal data such as your full name, postal address, contact information, email Id, etc. Providing this is not mandatory and the user chooses to share his/her details with us. Though, while purchasing it would be a necessity to enter in order to smoothly allow the order process.


We send emails to those who have shared their email addresses with us in order to stay in touch with them or simply for the information exchange. These emails could be about anything like latest deals and offers, discounts for a limited time period, the launch of new products, a change in the price structure, etc. We also send newsletters sometimes in which you might be interested. Our users may unsubscribe if they no longer show genuine interest in any of such things.


For more details, please speak to us via the email address or contact number we have provided in our contact us section.


Aamaga General Trading LLC

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