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Holika Holika Prime Youth Sea Cucumber Cream

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No more confusion when it comes to skin care. We bring you Holika Holika Prime Youth Sea Cucumber Cream that contains rich components such as sea cucumber, micralgea, phyto cell etc. necessary for skin regeneration. The cucumber extract contains powerful anti-aging properties that fight signs of aging. It restores the skin elasticity and its firmness. With frequent usage, you will notice lesser wrinkles, much more firm skin and a nourished moisturized skin.

While consuming Sea Cucumber is much more beneficial, the extracts of sea cucumber can speed up the healing process and give you excellent results with regular use. It assists in delivering a white, glowing radiant skin by peeling off the dark layers. As a result, you feel much more natural complexion with firm and supple skin.

How to use: The Holika Holika Prime Youth Sea Cucumber Skin Rebirth Cream is used in sync with the essence. First apply the necessary amount of cream in gentle tapping motion. This is to enhance the absorption process of skin. Next use the Essence for a perfect skin health

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