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Holika Holika Prime Youth Intensive Toner

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Herbal remedies have always been effective for the body. Respecting the power of Mother Nature, we bring you Holika Holika Prime Youth Intensive Toner or body lotion that can fight signs of skin aging. Natural herbs such as olive leaf, peppermint, red clover etc. ensure proper skin health.



  • Peppermint – has astringent benefits that exfoliate the skin gently so as to get rid of dirt and residues in large skin pores. It also removes the pale layers of skin such as dark circles, spots and other blemishes revealing a much vibrant skin.

  • Red clover skin – has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can cure any skin itching or other skin related inflammations such as boils, acnes etc.

  • Olive leaf extract – rich in antioxidants, it is an antibacterial agent that fights any infection on skin such as candida albicans. It is also efficient in softening and conditioning the skin leaving it supple and bouncy.


How to use: Take the desired amount and pat lightly on the skin till they are completely absorbed. Use it regularly to feel the difference.

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