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Holika Holika Aqua Max Ultra Moisture Cream

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You will find three different Holika Holika Aqua Max Ultra Moisture Cream types as per your skin nature.


  • Blue: is for dry and super dry skin

  • Green: is for oily to combination skin

  • Pink: is for normal to dry skin


Holika Holika Aqua Max Ultra Moisture Cream is designed with all the natural ingredients that is safe and gentle for you. If you feel your skin has lost its original luster, then its time to set things right. Use this moisturizing cream that comes with all holistic ingredients such as Himalayan raspberry, spiraea Ulmaria leaf rextract, camellia sinensis tea, aloe vera etc.




  • Light weight product that absorbs easily on the skin

  • Does not leave a oily sticky feel and delivers a smooth and soft skin

  • Shrinks the large visible pores, blemishes (with regular use) and assists in clear finished look

  • Smooth texture of the cream that controls the sebum production

  • Hydrates the skin all day long without making you feel dry/oily

  • Restores the elasticity and firmness of skin

  • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines over face

  • Eradicates layers of dark circles, pale complexion, dead skin cells etc. for a radiant and glowing complexion


How to use: Apply the required amount to your face, neck. Massage it gently for a fair complexion.

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