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Our Nature has myriad benefits and we humans seldom realize its benefits. If you love using natural products, then A'pieu Phytoncide Clay Mask Foam is the product for you. Natural Clay mask creates a coat of protection to your skin. This inhibits entry of unwanted dust and residues that sit on your skin and block skin rejuvenation. The clay mask contains minerals and other holistic properties that exfoliate the epidermis. With regular use, you will notice that your skin is much more fair and radiant. There are no visible marks or dark spots on your skin. The clay mask gets rid of any skin problems such as acnes; pimples etc. and gently eliminate chances of oily skin.

You will also notice that the skin complexion and texture is much more soft and smooth to feel. Another key ingredient is Phytoncide that replenishes your skin giving it a pure and clean feel after every wash.

Take the necessary amount to your wet hands. Lather and massage to the skin. Wash it off with warm water thoroughly. Feel the difference.

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